How to Make a Simple Tip Calculator in JavaScript

How to Make a Simple Tip Calculator in JavaScript

How to Make a Simple Tip Calculator in JavaScript

Simple Tip Calculator is a great JavaScript project for beginners. If you know Basic JavaScript then of course this type of Javascript Tip Calculator is important enough for you. Tip Calculator is basically an application that will help to do Tip Calculation. 

For example, you and three of your friends went to eat at a hotel. And there’s a $ 100 bill. You have decided to give a 10% tip of the total bill to the waiter. And three of your friends will pay for that tip. In such a situation, there is no alternative to this type of project to calculate how much amount or how many dollars each person has to pay.

If you want to do this manually you have to work a lot harder. Since programming is to make our daily necessary work easier. So this kind of project will make your calculation much easier. Here you will only input information and it will automatically show the result.

Simple Tip Calculator in JavaScript

So if you are a beginner then you should definitely try this type of project. Here you will find complete source code and tutorial on how to create a Simple Tip Calculator using JavaScript. But yes, you need to have some basic idea about JavaScript. This is because some amount of JavaScript has been used to make this project work. 

However, I have done a complete step-by-step explanation. Even if you don’t know JavaScript, you can understand it. If you want the source code, you can use the download button below the article.

See the Pen
by Foolish Developer (@foolishdevweb)
on CodePen.

Hopefully, the demo above has helped you to know the live preview of the project (Tip Calculator in JavaScript). But if you can copy the source code from the demo section. 

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I would request you to follow the tutorial below. Because here you will know in full step by step how I made it. First, the background color of the webpage is blue. Then I made a box. At the beginning of this box, I used a heading which is basically to enhance the beauty of this project.

How to Make a Simple Tip Calculator in JavaScript

I created two input areas. In the first input box to input the amount of the bill and in the second input box to input the information of how many people will give this tip.

Then I created a range slider for the percentage of the tip. This means that you can determine what percentage of the total amount you want to give as a tip here. Below all there is a display in which the results can be seen. That is, after inputting the above information, the result of that calculation can be seen in the display below.

Step 1: Basic structure of Tip Calculator

We have created the basic structure of Simple Tip Calculator using the following HTML and CSS code. I have created a box here to tell the basic structure in which all the information can be found. 

First I used the background color blue of the webpage and then I created this box. I used background color white and width: 80% and max-width: 350px.

<div id=”tip-calculator”>
*:after {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
box-sizing: border-box;
html {
font-size: 100%;
body {
width: 100%;
height: 100vh;
overflow: hidden;
display: grid;
place-items: center;
background: rgb(12, 141, 195);
font-family: “Lato”, sans-serif;
font-weight: 400;
line-height: 1.75;
#tip-calculator {
width: 80%;
max-width: 350px;
padding: 1rem;
background: white;
border-radius: 0.3rem;
Basic structure of Tip Calculator

Step 2: Add a heading using HTML

Now I have added a heading. This heading is basically to enhance the beauty. For this, I have used the h1 tag of HTML. The background color of this heading is blue and the text color is white. I have used front size to increase the text size a bit.

<h1>Tip Calculator</h1>
  background: rgb(11, 108, 161);
  color: white;
  font-size: 27px;
  text-align: center;
  margin-top: -17px;
  margin-left: -17px;
  margin-right: -17px;
Add a heading using HTML

Step 3: Tip’s information input box

The input box and range slider have been created using the following codes for inputting information. First I created two input boxes which are basically to input the total bill and how many will pay the bill together. 

Then I made a slide to determine the value of the percentage of the tip. That is, to determine the value of the percentage tip will be given.

<form id=”form”>
  <label for=”bill” class=”h3″>
    Bill: $
     <input type=”number” min=”0″ step=”0.01″ value=”50″ name=”bill” id=”bill” />
  <label for=”people” class=”h3″>
     <input type=”number” min=”1″ step=”1″ value=”1″ name=”people” id=”people” />
  <label for=”percentage” class=”h3″>
   Tip Percentage:  
    <span id=”percentage-output”></span>
     <input type=”range” min=”0″ max=”100″ step=”1″ value=”20″ name=”percentage” id=”percentage” />
form {
border-top: 1px solid hsl(149, 31%, 25%);
label {
display: block;
input[type=”number”] {
width: 100%;
max-width: 4em;
background: none;
border: none;
font-size: 20px;
color: rgb(26, 64, 237);
border-bottom: 1px dashed black;
-moz-appearance: textfield;
input[type=”number”]::-webkit-inner-spin-button {
-webkit-appearance: none;
margin: 0;
#people {
max-width: 3em;
Tip's information input box

I designed the range slider using the CSS codes below.

#percentage {
-webkit-appearance: none;
width: 100%;
margin: 2rem 0;
height: 10px;
background: hsl(193, 94%, 34%);
border-radius: 3px;
#percentage::-webkit-slider-thumb {
-webkit-appearance: none;
appearance: none;
width: 30px;
height: 30px;
border-radius: 50%;
border: 2px solid rgb(5, 47, 156);
background: hsl(255, 14%, 66%);
cursor: pointer;
Simple Tip Calculator in JavaScript

Step 4: Display to see the results of Tip Calculator

Now the display has been made to see the result. Whenever you input the above information, you will see the result of the calculation in the display below.

<div id=”output” class=”h3″></div>
.h3 {
margin: 1.38rem 0;
font-size: 1.424rem;
#output {
text-align: center;
box-shadow: 0 0 20px rgba(0,139,253,0.25);
padding: 10px;
color: rgb(9, 73, 171);
Make a Simple Tip Calculator in JavaScript

Step 5: Activate Simple Tip Calculator with JavaScript

Above we have created basic structures. Now is the time to implement this project (Simple Tip Calculator in JavaScript) with the help of JavaScript. As I said before you need some JavaScript ideas.

First I set a constant of 6 ID functions. Because we can’t use any HTML function directly in JavaScript. This requires a global constant of HTML functions.

  const form = document.getElementById(“form”);
  const totalBill = document.getElementById(“bill”);
  const totalPeople = document.getElementById(“people”);
  const tipPercentage = document.getElementById(“percentage”);
  const percentageOutput = document.getElementById(“percentage-output”);
  const output = document.getElementById(“output”);

All information will be stored in the “tipPercentage” function. The value of this function is displayed in the display using “innerText” at the end of all.

  // event listeners
  form.addEventListener(“change”, calculateTip);
  tipPercentage.oninput = calculateTip;
//I have added a manual formula to calculate the tip in the “calculate Tip” function.
function calculateTip() {
   //Manual tip calculation formula stored in “dollar suPerPerson” constant
  const dollarsPerPerson = (
  (totalBill.value * (tipPercentage.value / 100)) /
  ).toFixed(2); //The toFixed() method converts a number to a string.

The condition here is that if the value of ‘totalPeople’ is more than 1, then the text “Each person should tip” can be seen. If the value of ‘totalPeople’ is 1, then the text “You should tip” will appear.

  function displayTip(totalPerPerson) {
  output.innerText =
  totalPeople.value > 1
  ? `Each person should tip ${totalPerPerson}`
  : `You should tip ${totalPerPerson}`;

Now with the help of ‘innerText’, the value of “tipPercentage” is displayed on the webpage as a result.

  function displayPercentage() {
  percentageOutput.innerText = `${tipPercentage.value}%`;
// on load
Activate Simple Tip Calculator with JavaScript

Hopefully from the above tutorial, you have learned how to make a Simple Tip Calculator using JavaScript. Below you will find the required source code for creating this JavaScript Tip Calculator.