CSS Wave Animation

20+ CSS Wave Animation (Code + Demo)

Are you looking for CSS Wave Animation Designs? In this article, I will give you the 20 best Wave Animation CSS to find.

In the world of web design, animations play a vital role in creating engaging and visually appealing user experiences. CSS wave animations, in particular, add a sense of fluidity and elegance to your design, simulating the movement of waves. 

CSS Wave Animation

CSS Wave Animation

In this article, we will explore ten CSS wave animation examples that you can incorporate into your projects. Each animation is accompanied by an explanation and code snippet, empowering you to enhance your web design with stunning wave effects.

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Wave Animation is a CSS effect in which the background animation will be like waves of sea. This type of animation is created using CSS animation properties, and using the keyframe property, we will add the animation in different frames.

Horizontal CSS Wave Animation

The horizontal wave animation CSS creates a flowing wave effect that moves from left to right, adding a dynamic touch to your design. The linear gradient creates the wave pattern, and the animation gradually shifts the background position.

See the Pen CSS + SVG Wave Animation by Yusuf (@yy) on CodePen.

CSS Vertical Wave Animation

This wave animation creates a wave effect that flows from top to bottom. The linear gradient is oriented vertically, and the background position changes gradually over time.

See the Pen css wave animation copy by hwigyum (@breakstorm00) on CodePen.

Sine Wave Animation CSS

The sine CSS wave animation produces a smooth undulating effect reminiscent of ocean waves. It achieves this by vertically translating the element using the transform property.

CSS Wave Animation

This CSS Wave Animation creates a diagonal wave effect by using a linear gradient and manipulating the background position. The waves move from the bottom left to the top right.

See the Pen Simple CSS Wave Animation by Muhammad Mubashir Irfan (@mubashir-irfan) on CodePen.

Circular CSS Wave Animation

The circular wave animation creates a concentric wave effect that emanates from the center. The border-radius property is used to achieve the circular shape.

See the Pen CSS Wave Animation by upasanaasopa (@upasanaasopa) on CodePen.

Wave Text Animation CSS

This Wave Text Animation CSS applies a wave effect to text, creating a unique and eye-catching typography animation. The background-clip and text-fill-color properties are utilized to achieve the desired effect.

See the Pen wave (CSS animation) by Anton Mudrenok (@mudrenok) on CodePen.

Zigzag Wave Animation CSS

This animation creates a zigzag wave effect, adding a playful and dynamic touch to your design. The translateX property is used to shift the wave horizontally.

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See the Pen Waving Text CSS3 by Alexey Taktarov (@molefrog) on CodePen.

CSS Curved Wave Animation

This css wave animation creates a curved wave effect, giving your design a softer and more organic feel. The border-radius property is used to achieve the curved shape.

See the Pen CSS Wave Animation by Josh Bader (@joshbader) on CodePen.

Ripple Wave Animation CSS

This Ripple Wave Animation CSS creates a ripple wave effect, simulating the concentric ripples created when a stone is thrown into water. The box-shadow property is used to create the ripple effect.

See the Pen Html Css Wave Animation by Abdullah Al Imran (@imran-coder) on CodePen.

CSS Wave Animation

This CSS Wave Animation creates a particle wave effect, where particles move along a wave path. It combines CSS animations with the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements to achieve the effect.

See the Pen CSS Wave Animation by Swapnil Chauhan (@chauhanswapnil) on CodePen.


These additional CSS wave animation examples provide you with a wider range of choices to elevate your web design. By incorporating these animations, you can create zigzag, curved, inverted, ripple, and particle wave effects that add depth, dynamism, and interactivity to your projects.

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Let the waves flow through your website, creating a visually captivating and engaging user experience. Hopefully from this article you got the design of CSS Wave Animation according to your choice. Let me know which design you like among these Wave Animation CSS.


What is CSS Wave Animation?

A css wave animation is a css property in which  using the css animation techniques we will create wave like structure.

What is the syntax for CSS Animation?

.wave.-one {
  animation: rotate 10000ms infinite linear;
  opacity: 5%;
  background: white;