CSS Heart Loading Animation

10+ CSS Heart Loading Animation (Demo + Code)

In this article, I will share ten CSS Heart Loading Animation designs. These Pulsing Heart CSS animation designs are created with html and css. Also, some designs use JavaScript and SVG.

If you’re looking to add CSS Heart Shape Preloader animations or effects to any of your projects, we hope you’ll like these designs. Here you will find the necessary source code and a live preview of each design.

Heart Loading Animation With CSS

This Heart Loading Animation is made in a very basic and simple way. Minimal amount of html and css is used here. If you want to create a very simple Pulsing Heart CSS animation in a small project then you can use this design.

I Love You in Code Language (Free Code + Demo)

Here is the CSS Heart Loading effect added using @keyframes. First the heart structure is created by a single div. Then added loading animation using @keyframes of css.

See the Pen Heart Loading Animation by Abbos Nurgulshanov (@bbosmedia) on CodePen.

Here the heart color is red, you can use any color you need here. Basically here is this loading animation where the size of the heart is getting smaller and bigger once.

Awesome CSS Heart Love Loading Animation

This CSS Heart Love Loading Animation is quite advanced and looks very nice. If you want to create an advanced and professional Pulsing Heart CSS animation then you can use this design.

Here svg is used along with html and css. Using animation makes the hardloading animation look much more interesting and beautiful.

See the Pen Draw Heart Animation by Heart Flush (@heartflush) on CodePen.

This CSS Heart Loading effect looks very nice on a black background. You can definitely use this design in your professional work.

Pulsing Heart CSS animation

If you want to create a heart loading animation using JavaScript then this design will be best for you. Because here svg css and javascript are used to create Pulsing Heart css animation. Some advanced types of animation are used here.

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This Heart Loading Animation is made in pixel format i.e. the design is made by small boxes. Here first the heart shape is created by html. Later the basic structure of heart loading animation is created by css.

See the Pen The Lovely Heart by Alex Overbeck (@AlexOverbeck) on CodePen.

Then it is styled by css. The amount of css is not very much used here. However, the amount of JavaScript used is slightly higher. This Pulsing Heart CSS animation is relatively advanced. Basically, if you move the mouse inside this heart, the color of that area will change.

How do you make a heart beat in CSS

This Beating Heart design is really well made. It is an advanced Heart Shape Preloader design. However, a lot of advanced JavaScript is used to create this design. There is a lot of JavaScript here.

See the Pen Trái tim by Robin Le (@Robin-vn) on CodePen.

If you know JavaScript very well then you can create this CSS Heart Loading Animation. First created a basic structure with html and added a text. Then this canvas is designed with more css. Finally, this Animated CSS Heart Throbber is implemented with a lot of JavaScript.

Heart Shape Preloader in HTML

This Heart Shape Preloader is created by single div ie using only one line of html this Animated CSS Heart animation is created.

First here’s a human-like shape created with some CSS. A heart is then created. The man is dancing with the heart element in his hand. You can definitely use it in any of your professional work or website.

See the Pen 30. Beloved - Divtober 2022 by Greg Robleto (@robleto) on CodePen.

Even the human character here is created only by css. So from this design you will also know how to create human shape with CSS.

Pure CSS Heart Animation

If you want to create Pure CSS Heart Animation then you can use this design. This heart loading animation is very basic and made very simply. 

Basically here first a heart shape is created with transparent background. And a thick border is used all around. When you click on that heart, the background color will change.

See the Pen Animated Like Icon by JamieStollery (@JamieStollery) on CodePen.

You can use this type of design in any button or use this hat as an on off button. But I have shared a step by step tutorial on how to make an on off button.

Pulsing Heart Animation Effect

This Pulsing Heart Animation Effect is created by different types of gradient colors. If you want to use a beautiful CSS Heart Loading Animation in your work then I suggest you this design.

Simple Rain Animation Effects using CSS & JavaScript

Because it is created only by html and css. Here different types of color shadows are used on black background. This design is made like neon color effect.

See the Pen Animation Heart by Ruben Vardanyan (@ruben-vardanyan) on CodePen.

It also adds various animation effects using @keyframes, which you will surely like. If you are looking for a simple Pulsing Heart Animation Effect by html and css then you can definitely use this design.

CSS Heart Loading Animation

This CSS heart-loading animation is somewhat unique. Here a beautiful image is used in the background. Where there are pictures of many shops. Then an animation can be observed here. This animation is basically what we know as heartbeat animation.

See the Pen Heart Beat Sample by Narayan Swain (@narayaanyamato) on CodePen.

First the background image is added by html. Then this animation is added by css. Here the loading effect is created by css @keyframes and stroke-dashoffset.

Heartbeat Animation using HTML and CSS

This css Heartbeat Animation is the last design in this list. But this CSS Heart Loading Animation design is also very beautiful. You can use it as page loading animation.

Here a heart shape is created which is divided into two parts. Added a different color to the upper part and a different color to the self. This heart shape rotates in 360 degree angle which creates a wonderful design.

See the Pen Slava Ukraini! 3d css by Mark Boots (@MarkBoots) on CodePen.


Here an image is used in the background on which this hat is rotating. Here is a test used in a hat. When you mouse over or touch that heart it will stop spinning. 

Here I have shared 10 best css heart loading animation designs. Be sure to comment which design you like the most. Earlier I shared step by step tutorial how to create css heart loading effect.


What is a Loading Animation?

A Loading animation is css property that loads on the website when the content of the website is taking time to load all the coenten of the website this type of effect acts as an interface between the user and the content which tells user to stay on the page their data is loading.

What is the use of Loading Animation?

The loading animation  helps in increase user interactivity.

Also helps in making website more responsive.

Decreases loading time.