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20+ CSS Rainbow Text (Code + Demo)

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Are you looking for CSS Rainbow Text Effect for your project? 

In this article I have made a collection of best CSS Rainbow Text Effects. Meanwhile I have shared Rainbow Text CSS step by step tutorial. 

If you want to know step by step how to create animated rainbow text then you can check that article.

CSS Rainbow Text

The CSS Rainbow Text Effect is a design technique that transforms ordinary text into a vibrant and colorful spectrum. It’s like a rainbow arcing across your webpage, adding a sense of fun and excitement. 

Whether you want to highlight a specific word or phrase, create a unique headline, or simply add a touch of whimsy to your site, this CSS rainbow text effect can be a great choice.

Rainbow Text CSS

The CSS Rainbow Text Effect is a fantastic way to add color and vibrancy to your web designs. With a basic understanding of CSS, you can easily implement this effect and make your text stand out.

See the Pen hairy rainbow text - pixi.js by Rachel Smith (@rachsmith) on CodePen.

Classic Rainbow Text CSS

The Classic Rainbow Text CSS is the simplest and most timeless of them all. This effect creates a rainbow spectrum across the text with an animated gradient background.

See the Pen Waving rainbow text by Izmael Magomedov (@izmaelmag) on CodePen.

Rainbow Neon Text

The Rainbow Neon Text effect combines the vibrant colors of a rainbow with a neon glow, giving your text a dynamic and futuristic appearance.

See the Pen Long Rainbow text by yoksel (@yoksel) on CodePen.

Glittering CSS Rainbow Text

Glittering Rainbow Text adds sparkling, animated stars to the rainbow, adding an element of magic and whimsy to your text. To make your text more engaging and visually appealing, you can use this CSS Rainbow Text.

See the Pen Rainbow Text Nyan Cat !!! by Simon Goellner (@simeydotme) on CodePen.

Rainbow Gradient Stroked Text

This CSS Rainbow Text effect combines the classic rainbow text with a gradient stroke around the text, creating a beautiful and eye-catching rainbow text design.

See the Pen Rainbow Text Shadow Overload by jake (@jak_e) on CodePen.

Liquid Rainbow Text CSS

The Liquid Rainbow Text effect CSS makes your text look like it’s composed of flowing, colorful liquid. This effect is not only visually appealing but also relaxing to watch.

See the Pen magic rainbow unicorns by ArianR (@arianr) on CodePen.

Particle Rainbow Text

The Particle Rainbow Text effect scatters tiny animated particles around the text, making it look like the text is emitting a dazzling light show.

See the Pen Rainbow by Ana Arezo (@anaarezo) on CodePen.

CSS Rainbow Text

The CSS Rainbow Text effect uses a combination of CSS gradients and perspective transformations to make your text appear three-dimensional, giving it depth and dimension.

See the Pen Rainbow Text(Pure Css) by Devin (@edwin0258) on CodePen.

Holographic Rainbow Text CSS

The Holographic Rainbow Text effect uses a combination of gradients and CSS3 properties to create a holographic appearance. It gives your text a futuristic and surreal feel.

See the Pen Rainbow Text Animation by Coding Artist (@Coding-Artist) on CodePen.

Rainbow Text CSS with Textures

CSS Rainbow Text with Textures incorporates a subtle texture into the rainbow gradient, making it look like the text is painted on a textured surface, adding depth and character to your design.

See the Pen Rainbow Text animation by Maurici Abad (@MauriciAbad) on CodePen.

CSSS Rainbow Text with Shadows

This effect adds shadows to the rainbow text, creating a striking 3D-like effect. The shadows move with the text, giving it depth and dimension.

See the Pen Rainbow Text Animation by Charles Jones (@CharlesJ3) on CodePen.

Retro Rainbow Text

The Retro Rainbow Text effect CSS combines a classic rainbow gradient with a retro-style font and animated neon glow for a nostalgic yet eye-catching design.

See the Pen Rainbow Text Animation by Hermaeus (@Hermaeus) on CodePen.

Hope you found the CSS Rainbow Text effect to your liking from this article. Do you want step by step tutorial of Rainbow Text Effect CSS. I have already shared a tutorial on this site. You can see those tutorials.

You can tell me which design of these CSS Rainbow Text Effects you like best by commenting.