How to Make a Responsive Image Slider in HTML CSS

How to Make a Responsive Image Slider in HTML CSS

If you want to create a Responsive Image Slider then this tutorial will help you completely. Here I have shared a tutorial on creating a Simple Responsive Image Slider HTML CSS and provided the necessary source code.

Earlier I created different types of image sliders. However, this slider has been made fully responsive. This allows you to use it directly for any purpose.

Image slider is used to organize a large number of images on different websites. There are different types of image sliders. In some sliders, the image is changed automatically, in some cases the image has to be changed manually.

There are two buttons for manually changing the image. Although I have previously shared various types of automatic and 3D image sliders in this tutorial.

Responsive Image Slider

Below I have given a preview that will help you to know how it works. Here you will find the complete source code. Although I have been given many more options to get the source code. 

Below the article, you will find a box to copy the source code. There is also a button to download the code.

See the Pen
by Foolish Developer (@foolishdevweb)
on CodePen.

As you can see above, a box has been created on a web page. In it, I have added all the necessary images. Here I have added 4 images. If you want you can increase the number of images of your choice. 

There are two buttons for manually changing the image. Here a border is used around the image and shadows are used to enhance the beauty. Importantly, highlights or indicators have been used here. That is, there are a few small points that will indicate how many numbered images have been opened. 

How to Create Responsive Image Slider 

This design is made with HTML CSS and JavaScript. First added various information and images using HTML. Then I designed it using CSS and made it Responsive. Finally, it is implemented using JavaScript.

I have used four images here so I have used four indicators. The first indicator will be highlighted when the first image is open. And when the second image opens, the second point will be highlighted.

If you want to create this Responsive Image Slider, you need to have a basic idea about HTML CSS, and JavaScript.

Step 1: Basic structure of image slider

The basic structure of Responsive Image Slider has been created first using the following HTML and CSS codes. All images in this area can be seen. 

Slider width: 80% and max-width: 600px used. It also has a 10-pixel white border and box-shadow to enhance its beauty.

<div id=”slider”>
 margin:0px auto;
 margin-top: 100px;
 max-width: 600px;
 border: 10px solid white;
 box-shadow:2px 5px 10px rgba(0,0,0,0.4);;
Basic structure of image slider

Step 2: Add image to the slider (more…)

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