Animated Skills Bar HTML & CSS (For Beginners)

Animated Skills Bar HTML & CSS

Animated Skills Bar HTML CSS is used in various personal and education websites. Skill Bar lets you decorate your Experience webpage.

Hello in this article I have shown you how to create Animated Skills Bar using only HTML and CSS code. Earlier I designed many more types of progress bars. I did not use any JavaScript or JQuery in this design. I have designed this skills bar using only HTML and css3.

 Here I have made four bars and used animation in each of them. When you load this page, it will reach the value you set from 0. Here I have used blue color. You can use a different color for each if you want.

Animated Skills Bar HTML CSS

I used a shadow around the box so that the box could be seen more clearly. I first used a title in that box and four times below it. Here is a title and a percentage for each progress bar.

 You can watch the live demo below to get a live experience of how the design works. Of course, here you will get the complete source code for making this design.


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Circular Progress Bar Using HTML and CSS

Circular Progress Bar Using Only HTML and CSS

In this article, I am going to show you how to create an animated circular progress bar using only HTML CSS and BoostApp programming code. I have designed many more types of animated progress bars before but this design has been designed in a completely modern way. 

Animated circular Progress Bar is a type of statistical design used in a variety of websites. It is mainly used to indicate the percentage of one’s qualification in a portfolio website or personal website. It is fully animated, that is, under normal conditions, it has zero percent then it will gradually reach the pre-determined percentage. Different colors have been used to denote percentages.

See the Pen
by Code Media (@codemediaweb)
on CodePen.

Animated Circular progress bar using Html and CSS

I used Html,  CSS, and bootstrap programming code to make it. In the case of this circular progress bar, you can pre-determine the percentage as needed. This means that you can pre-determine the percentage of progress this animation will stop. In this case, I have basically made a circle of three signs of progress and used different colors for each of them. 

Below I have shown in full step by step how I have created this progress bar and which programming code I have used to create any element. Below the article is a download button where you can download the required source code by clicking. 


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