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35+ Free JavaScript Games(Code+ Demo)

Hey coding enthusiasts!! Here we are back with another collection of the latest, interesting, and very simple Javascript Games.

Javascript Game Code

Games are the best source of entertainment if you are thinking of enhancing your website and more user engagement you are at the right place. There are many games like puzzles, rock paper scissors, crosswords, minesweeper, and many more we explored various codepen examples and found the best collection of such fun Javascript games.

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Let’s move ahead with 30+ very interesting and easy-to-make JavaScript games.

1. Hi-Lo Game made with JavaScript

Below given javascript game is a number-guessing game in which the player is asked to guess a number between 1 to 100 and keep on guessing until it reaches to the correct one. There is also a counter to count the number of guesses made up till now.

2. Simple Puzzle

This javascript game is about puzzle solving. Blocks are provided and the user has to drag them and arrange them to make a picture.

3. Memory Card Game | JavaScript Games

In this Javascript game users are provided with various levels like easy, medium, hard, etc and they have to match the numbers on the card. This is a card game to test memory.

4. Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is a popular game among everyone, here also it is created by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Two players are there red and blue respectively and their scores are also displayed. The reset option is also there to restart the game.

5. Find The Rainbow game

In this javascript game, the player has to find the block in which the rainbow is there, after finding the rainbow the game will restart but remember that the rainbow is never in the same place.

6. Pig Game

  • The game has 2 players, playing in rounds
  • In each turn, a player rolls a dice as many times as he wishes. Each result gets added to his round score
  • However, if the player rolls a 1, all his round score gets lost. After that, it’s the next player’s turn
  • The player can choose to ‘Hold’, which means that his round score gets added to his global score. After that, it’s the next player’s turn
  • The first player to reach 20 points on global score wins the game

7. First Javascript Game

In this javascript game, the player has to keep control of the given paddle at the bottom to prevent it from falling and to bounce it in an upward direction to break the bricks.

8. Rock paper scissors JavaScript

This game represents a rock paper scissors game which is very fun to play, so here it is created by using javascript, and scores are maintained both by the computer and the player.

9. Javascript Game

This is a very exciting javascript game in which we have to take the blue brick ahead by protecting it from the red brick and it has to collect the yellow brick. It has various levels that come after completing the previous one.

10. Colour meaning game

In this game, the player has to find whether the meaning of the word matches the color of the text or not. It shows whether the answer is correct or wrong and at last displays the score.

11. Egg-catching Javascript game

In this javascript game, 3 hens are there at the top which are laying eggs in the downward direction where the player is provided with a bucket and has to collect the eggs, more the eggs he will collect the higher the score would be.

12. Arrow swiping game

In this game 2 arrows would be displayed which would give a direction where the player has to swipe, in the blue arrow swiping is in the same direction but in the red swiping is in the opposite direction.

13. Color Guesser

In this game, the player has to guess the color from the RGB color format. Here two levels are there easy and hard.

14. Icon matching game

In this game, the player has to match the icons from one another in the collection of many hidden cards.

15. Phaser 2 – Pirate Game

A Space Invader type of game with a Pirate Theme, built using Phaser CE 2.

16. 4 pluses game

This is a number guessing game that is in the mind by using various methods. Instructions are provided below in the game.

17. Flip – card memory game.

  • Flip is a timed card memory game. When starting a level, there’s a red bar on top of the screen that shows how much time you have left.
  • Click the green cards to see what symbol they uncover and try to find the matching symbol underneath the other cards.
  • Uncover two matching symbols in a row to eliminate them from the game.
  • Eliminate all cards as fast as you can to win the game. Have fun flipping!

18. Simple Canvas game

In this javascript game, the player has to cross to the other side in a way so that it do not collide with the moving lines.

19. Platform game engine

In the shown javascript game player has to move ahead by crossing various obstacles and reach its final destination.

20. Snake game

You all must have played this snake game once in your childhood

21. Fly bird game

In this game, the bird has to cross the upcoming obstacles and reach its destination, scores would be maintained below.

22. Pong Game with Javascript

Here we have a pong game using javascript, 2 sides are shown one is of the computer and another is of the player, whenever the player loses in its turn the score of the computer increases.

23. Tetris Game JavaScript

You must have played this game in your childhood, players have to arrange these parts properly.

24. guess a word game – javascript

In this game, the player has to guess the word by filling in the alphabet, every time the player guesses the wrong alphabet he gets nearer to the danger zone that are sharks.

25. Kill The King – Vue / HTML game

In this game, you have to kill the king, here sound effects are also there to make the game more realistic and exciting.

26. Chess game

Chess is a game from which all are aware of. The below shown game is a chess game only where black is of computer and white is the user.

27. The frantic run of the valorous rabbit

In this game rabbit has to run and protect himself from the wild animal, the rabbit has to collect the carrots and avoid the hedgehogs.

28. Arrows Defense Game (Challenge)

In this game player is the black arrow and he has to shoot the rest of the red arrows that are coming toward it.

29. Block Breaking

In this javascript game, the player has to throw the ball toward the blocks in an upward direction. Every time a brick is shot a sound comes.

30. Retro Spaceship Game

In this javascript game, a spaceship is there which is of the player and it has to shoot all the falling rockets and save itself from enemy rockets.

31. Match the emoji game

In this javascript game, the player is supposed to match the emoji from his pair in the given time, the timer is given at the screen, and at the end of the game the score is displayed.

32. Trying To Be Victorious [Game]

The scoreboard is used to keep track of the health of the players at the top of the screen. Use the toggle on the start screen to select whether to play against a computer or a human player. The blue rocket is controlled with AWD and shoot with Z. The red rocket is controlled with the Arrow Keys and shot with a Spacebar. Now the rocket has been upgraded with a shield, every shot on target is worth 1% but crashing into asteroids causes more damage, and bumping into your opponent causes mutual damage.

33. Simon game

Here we have the Simple Game using CSS3 & jQuery. It uses the new Web Audio API !!! You Need an up-to-date browser.It should be Tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari

34. Enduro – Atari – Html5 Game

This is an HTML game of car racing, Click Left/Right Arrows or A/D to steer and
Click Up Arrow, W, or Space to accelerate.

35. Minesweeper Game

Below javascript game is of a minesweeper.

36. Death Strolling – A demake of Hideo Kojima’s yet-to-be-released “Death Stranding”.

A demake of Hideo Kojima’s yet-to-be-released “Death Stranding”. Deliver fragile stuff to survivors. Avoid being killed by Wraiths.

Controls are straightforward Use arrow keys to move around and use your radar to find survivors. Deliver your package with. Hold your breath (with ) near Wraits to sneak past ’em. Sprint with.

Get too close to a Wraith and they’ll give you a warm hug… of death!

37. The Fearsome Three | A Codepen Game

The Fearsome Three is a codepen mini-game. It is inspired by old NES/SNES games.

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So, you saw many different javascript games that are very beneficial for web development learners whether you are a beginner or a professional one. You can add them whenever you are proceeding with some interesting games. It would be very useful for you.

For more such collections stay connected with Foolish Developer and become an expert in coding. If you have any queries feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you!!