CSS confetti animations

20+ Free CSS confetti animations (Code+ Demo)

Hey coding enthusiasts!! Here we are back with the latest and most creative CSS confetti animation collection just by using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

CSS confetti examples

Whenever we want to show any interactive and creative celebration effect then Confetti is best to do that. So we explored various codepen examples and found the best collection of such CSS Confetti animations.

CSS confetti animations

Let’s get started on the journey of exploring CSS confetti animation examples:

1. CSS Confetti with HTML <canvas>

This CSS confetti which is presented below displays a birthday celebration with a “Happy Birthday ” text. It also uses<canvas> which is used to show animations and graphics and here it is showing the confetti from top to bottom.

2. Confetti with Background Mask

The confetti shown in the below example is very beautifully presented. It creates a very appealing background by falling off shiny particles that are created by the canvas container for the tsParticles library in the code.

3. CSS Confetti

This confetti is a very creative one with a multicolor effect. This also has a zoom-in and zoom-out effect for the confetti with text displayed.

4. CSS confetti button

Here in this example, we have a button which gives a beautiful confetti when the user will press that.

5. Canvas confetti

The below example creates a dynamic confetti animation. To display the party information HTML code uses div and canvas. This beautiful confetti containing different shapes is initialized by javascript.

6. Creative confetti

This confetti has a falling animation in a rotating circle form without using Javascript to initialize it.

7. Interactive confetti

This represents a very creative falling confetti which changes its color on clicking the below button .

8. Confetti (with EQCSS)

This presents a very beautiful confetti animation where EQCSS is used for dynamic effects. Javascript is responsible for the movement and appearance of confetti.

9. Interactive confetti (Canvas + pure JS, no dependencies)

This confetti is like a sudden blossom or cracker and looks amazing HTML uses Canvas here and pure javascript is used.

10. Start confetti animation by entering a secret code

This confetti animation is unique as here to start the confetti user has to enter a secret password and as the user enters the correct one, a beautiful confetti will occur.

11. Congratulations confetti

This confetti shows a congratulatory text and then a lovely confetti will fall down.

12. Conffeti CSS Animation

This presents a mini confetti around the given text.

13. confetti animation with javascript

The presented code below shows 3 buttons that would decide which type of confetti is to be shown. The first button will show basic confetti another shows confetti in a random direction and the last one blossoms like rainfall.

14. CSS Confetti

The confetti is elegant without using Javascript. It produces confetti from the center point which is spreading all over.

15. CSS Confetti

This confetti is made by using pure CSS and falls like rainfall.

16. 10,000 Codepen followers!

This confetti is presented once the thank you text is completed.

17. Candy Confetti

Three types of confetti are presented here first is candy corn then comes leaves and at last bookmarks. Users can choose the confetti among these three from a drop down menu and that confetti will show its magic .

18. Confetti

Here the confetti is just like a snowfall. They are falling in random directions some are of small size some are big .

19. Confetti buttons

Here two buttons are presented one is of confetti and another is of sparkle which on clicking shows there respective roles as their names tell.

20. paint roller confetti

Here the confetti is presented in the background and along with that text is beautifully presented in a paint roller .

21. Confetti Drop Canvas Animation Effect

The confetti here will be shown on clicking the play button .

22. Parallax confetti

This shows a very slow and soothing Parallax confetti.

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So, you saw many different varieties of Confetti which are very beneficial for web development learners whether you are a beginner or a professional one. You can add them whenever you are proceeding with a Confetti animation. It would be very useful for you.

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