Custom Right Click Context Menu using JavaScript

Custom Right Click Context Menu using JavaScript

Custom Right Click Context Menu using JavaScript

Right-Click Context Menu I almost use in different operating systems. If you want to create a Custom Right Click Menu using JavaScript then this tutorial is for you.

In the case of this type of design, you can see this JavaScript Right-Click Context Menu by right-clicking the mouse. We see this type of design in any operating system or application.

In this tutorial, you will find complete information on how to create a custom context menu. In this case, you will see a box when you right-click the mouse. Where there are 5 menu items. If you want, you can add any image, text, video instead of a menu item.

Custom Right Click Context Menu

Many people use Jquery or React to make this kind of design. But if you want, you can create this custom Right-Click Context Menu JavaScript using Simple JavaScript. 

However, the js used here are comparatively much harder. Below you will find a demo that will help you figure out how to make it work.

See the Pen
by Foolish Developer (@foolishdevweb)
on CodePen.

As you can see above, I have added a background color to the top of a web page. You will not see anything on the page because this menu will be visible after right-clicking. 

A small box will appear when you right-click your mouse. Box shadows have been used to enhance the white color and beauty in the background of the box. Each menu item has a hover color attached to it.

How to Create a Custom Right-Click Menu

If you want to create this Custom Right Click Context Menu then I have given all the code below. The explanation is not required for HTML and CSS

However, in the case of JavaScript, I have given the explanation of each line. But you need to have a basic idea about HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Step 1: Html code of context menu

The required information for this Right Click Context Menu has been added using your own HTML code. Copy these codes and add them to your HTML file.

<div id=”context-menu”>
  <div class=”item”>View</div>
  <div class=”item”>Refresh</div>
  <div class=”item”>Copy</div>
  <div class=”item”>Customize</div>
  <div class=”item”>Save As</div>

Step 2: Design the Right Click Menu

Now is the time to design it using a small amount of CSS code. First set a background color for the webpage. Then I designed the box, the background of the box is white color and with it, the box shadow has been used.

* {
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
box-sizing: border-box;
font-family: “Poppins”, sans-serif;
body {
background-color: #dfe8f1;
#context-menu {
background-color: #ffffff;
box-shadow: 0 0 20px rgba(37, 40, 42, 0.22);
color: #1f194c;
width: 10em;
padding: 0.8em 0.6em;
font-size: 1.3rem;
position: fixed;
visibility: hidden;
.item {
padding: 0.3em 1.2em;
.item:hover {
background-color: rgba(44, 141, 247, 0.2);
cursor: pointer;

Step 3: Activate Right Click Menu with JavaScript

The tasks of the above design were very simple. But now I have used JavaScript to make it work. That is relatively difficult.

    //Events for desktop and touch
    let events = [“contextmenu”, “touchstart”];
    //initial declaration
    var timeout;
    //for double tap
    var lastTap = 0;
    //refer menu div
    let contextMenu = document.getElementById(“context-menu”);
    //same function for both events
    events.forEach((eventType) => {
        (e) => {
          //x and y position of mouse or touch
          let mouseX = e.clientX || e.touches[0].clientX;
          let mouseY = e.clientY || e.touches[0].clientY;
          //height and width of menu
          let menuHeight = contextMenu.getBoundingClientRect().height;
          let menuWidth = contextMenu.getBoundingClientRect().width;
          //width and height of screen
          let width = window.innerWidth;
          let height = window.innerHeight;
          //If user clicks/touches near right corner
          if (width – mouseX <= 200) {
   = “5px 0 5px 5px”;
   = width – menuWidth + “px”;
   = mouseY + “px”;
            //right bottom
            if (height – mouseY <= 200) {
     = mouseY – menuHeight + “px”;
     = “5px 5px 0 5px”;
          else {
   = “0 5px 5px 5px”;
   = mouseX + “px”;
   = mouseY + “px”;
            //left bottom
            if (height – mouseY <= 200) {
     = mouseY – menuHeight + “px”;
     = “5px 5px 5px 0”;
          //display the menu
 = “visible”;
        { passive: false }
    //for double tap(works on touch devices)
    document.addEventListener(“touchend”, function (e) {
      //current time
      var currentTime = new Date().getTime();
      //gap between two gaps
      var tapLength = currentTime – lastTap;
      //clear previous timeouts(if any)
      //if user taps twice in 500ms
      if (tapLength < 500 && tapLength > 0) {
        //hide menu = “hidden”;
      } else {
        //timeout if user doesn’t tap after 500ms
        timeout = setTimeout(function () {
        }, 500);
      //lastTap set to current time
      lastTap = currentTime;
    //click outside the menu to close it (for click devices)
    document.addEventListener(“click”, function (e) {
      if (!contextMenu.contains( { = “hidden”;

Right-Click Context Menu JavaScript (Source Code)

There are a lot of users who just want the source code I gave in the following section. Here are all the source codes together. 

For this, you create an HTML file then copy the code below and add it to that file. Since HTML CSS JavaScript is bundled here, you do not have to create separate files.

See the Pen
by Foolish Developer (@foolishdevweb)
on CodePen.

 Although below the article you will find the download button. From where you can directly download all the source code copies to make this Right-Click Context Menu JavaScript

Javascript custom context menu You must comment on how you like it. If there is any problem, let me know by commenting on Instagram.