Are you someone looking for the #1 WordPress performance plugin?

If so, you are on the right blog. In this article, we will be exploring this amazing plugin, which is quite affordable yet efficient. At the same time, you can also enjoy a 10% straight discount from their plans and save $12.50 on the purchase.

Let’s see how you can do that.

Quick Glance at Perfmatters – What is Perfmatters?

WordPress is a free and open source of content management which is widely used by many bloggers and even businesses. In order to enhance the performance of your WordPress website, there are many plugins that you can use. One such plugin is Perfmatters.

Perfmatters is a WordPress plugin that helps you improve your website speed and boost its performance in just a few clicks. This plugin allows you to disable unnecessary elements and scripts that slow down your website. With Perfmatters, you can easily optimize your WordPress website and get faster loading web pages, improving your rankings and conversions.

Perfmatters Pricing & Offers

Perfmatters offers three different types of plans for its users. The basic plan which can empower one of your sites will cost you around $24.95 per year. But if you are looking for the best deal, you can go for Unlimited site options. It will usually cost you $149.95.

With the ongoing discount on their site, they are offering the same plan at $124.95 per year. Using our discount link, you can save even more on this unlimited plan.

Let’s see the discount table to know exactly how much you will be saving each year.

PlansNormal Pricing10% Coupon DiscountDealSavings
Single Site – Personal$24.9510%$22.45$2.50
3 Site – Business$54.9510%$49.45$5.50
Unlimited Sites License$124.9510%$112.45$12.5

With this ongoing plan, you can save an extra $12.5 on an unlimited plan. Now, let’s understand who should get what plan.

1. Single Site Plan

This plan is designed for beginners and individuals who are just starting their blogging career and have only one domain.

Under this plan, you can use Perfmatters for only one site. With this, you also get 1 year of premium support and updates from the company. The plan you will buy is an auto renewal that can be canceled anytime.

2. Business Plan

If you are a professional blogger with multiple websites on multiple niches, you can choose the Business plan of Perfmatters. You will get the Perfmatters license for 3 sites along with premium support and upgrades.

With our special discount, you can get this plan at $49.45 per year, which is a good investment if you are serious about the blogging business.

3. Unlimited Site License

As the name of the plan suggests, with this plan, you can use Perfmatters for unlimited domains. This is designed for designers, developers, agencies, and big businesses handling many domains at the same time.

For a yearly plan of unlimited sites, you will be required to pay $124.95  and with the 10% discount, you will get the same plan at $112.45. Under this plan, you will get all the pro features along with priority support for 1 year.

How to avail of the 10% off Permatters Deal?

The selection of the plan will totally depend upon your needs and the number of websites you want to optimize. But how you can easily avail the discount is super easy. Follow the below steps to avail yourself of the deal without any hassle.

1. Click on the link, which will redirect you to the official website of Perfmatters.

2. Once you land on their official page, go to the pricing tab and select the plan as per your need. We would recommend you go for an unlimited site plan as you get priority support in that plan.

3. Click on “Buy It Now” and continue on the checkout page.

4. Fill in the necessary details. At the end of the checkout page, you will get the option to put in any special discount coupon. Put “PERFMATTERS” in that space which you can find at A 10% discount will be deducted from the total of the cart value.

5. Enter all the personal details and choose the payment method. Click on the “Purchase” button and complete the payment process.

Congratulations! You have successfully claimed the Perfmatters Deal.

Key Features of Perfmatters

Some of the features that helped me make up my mind about Perfmatters are –

1. Easy Interface

Their toggle options to set everything up in a minute is a time saver. You do not need to know much coding or even hire an external developer to configure your plugin. You can enable and disable features like lazy loading, WooCommerce, analytics, and more.

2. Multiple optimization

With Perfmatters, you get database optimization along with lazy loading, image optimization, video optimization, and more. You can also host your fonts locally to increase your site load time. The plugin in itself is a really lightweight plugin that is compatible with other plugins.

3. Built-in Script manager

You can turn scripts on and off for each post or page with the built-in Script Manager. This is a very useful tool, especially if you use a lot of plugins. The best part is that the scripts are organized by the plugins and themes they work with, making it easy to find them and change the settings.

4. Customer Support a priority

Well, if you are in need of help from developers, you can raise a ticket on their support forum. No third party is involved in the support group, and you will get direct help from the team.

5. Compatible

Another mind-boggling aspect of Permatters is that it works faultlessly with all themes and plugins, and you can even use it together with other caching plugins without running into any problems.

Final Words

Summing up, Perfmatters is a robust and adaptable WordPress plugin that was developed with the purpose of enhancing the speed and performance of websites.

It helps reduce HTTP requests, which improves SEO and the user experience, and it also helps improve user experience by deactivating superfluous features and scripts, changing settings, and cleaning up the database.
For a limited time only, there is also a special permatters black friday discount available for 10%, making it an even more enticing alternative for individuals who are trying to improve the performance of their website. So hurry up and get started with the plugin.