Evan Rutchik: An Entrepreneur Keen on Advertising Technology

Once every successful business was ordinary, with zero leads and no recognition. Then those who put efforts into building a good presence on the internet found success and reaped the perks. However, others are still doing nothing or have been crashed in a way that seems that they never existed. Indeed, one can make any business stand out by intensifying sales using any digital medium. However, driving leads to any company, and recruiting customers is a challenge today.

The competition has evolved to a great extent; the game has changed. You cannot just rely on a website or an application to make your business successful; you need advanced technology to advertise your business efficiently. It means you need advanced advertising technology with an adtech expert and strategist like Evan Rutchik.

Do you know who Evan is? Even why are we talking about him?

A pioneer in advertising technology, Evan Rutchik is an adtech expert, helping businesses reach their targeted audience using various media channels. He holds substantial experience in the field of advertising technology. Utilizing his experience and vast expertise, Evan wants businesses to set a remarkable benchmark in their respective fields. Indeed, he is fortunate enough to lead an impressive career in such a hot field.

When he embarked on his journey, he was just an ordinary like all of us. However, he had the zeal and potential to become exceptional. See what he holds now? The tag of an adtech expert! However, his journey was not that easy; in fact, you’ll find no successful personality with an easy past. He gave his 100% to achieve this level of recognition across the globe!

Evan’s academics helped him understand what he wanted to do, and his goals were evident initially. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Management & advertising from Syracuse University. His internal thoughts forced him to bring advancement in his academics, so he pursued a Master of Business Administration in marketing & entrepreneurship, finance from New York University. Now, he holds a perfect blend of academics that helps him grow!

With a nascent entrepreneurial mind, Mr. Rutchik launched a local factor group. The sole aim of establishing this brand is to help newbie entrepreneurs and businesses reach newer heights with marketing and advertising. His idea to launch a local factor group was impressive and became a huge success. But before becoming a CEO of a well-renowned group, he served at various firms in different roles.

In 2012, Evan became a Senior Vice President at Yieldbot and left the company in 2016. At this company, he led a team of 25 salespeople. Also, Mr. Rutchik employed and assembled a proficient team of sales that benefits the organization. By leveraging his intelligence, he generated a revenue of $60M in 2016. Ogury, the creator of the first advertising engine, was also impressed by his skillset of Evan.

He served as president at Ogury, but at the end of the day, he always thought about becoming an entrepreneur. So, he left everything in order to achieve his dreams, which was becoming a successful businessman. His dream came true when he established his own business and the brand of people, Local Factor. As an entrepreneur, he has been recognized by the world and interviewed by a prominent magazine called Dotcom.

Today, Evan Rutchik is a name everyone knows in advertising technology. It is all due to his efforts in making the world’s fastest-emerging advertising brand. But even after building a fortune for himself, he wants other entrepreneurs to use digital mediums and the power of advertising technology to boost the growth of their businesses. You can check the interview of Evan on Youtube, whose title reads Evan Rutchik Interview with DotCom Magazine.

To conclude, Evan Rutchik has an exceptional skillset and strives to help people leverage the potential of advertising technology. He wants entrepreneurs to become successful by advertising their businesses efficiently and affordably and getting most of their campaigns. So, why delay in using adtech? Success is waiting for you!